Why isn’t 4/20 recognized as an international holiday? (Satire)

by: Rodrick Joseph

Last year on the 20th of April and I was forced to wake up and go to work with the paranoia of my boss looking over my shoulder as I watched conspiracy theory videos on YouTube all day..  Fortunately, this year 4/20 falls on a Saturday, and I can enjoy my wake and bake when I move from my bed to my couch. 4/20 isn’t just a celebration of a cannabis plant. It’s a celebration of Nachos, massive bong rips, movies, and hours of blank thoughts.  It is our duty to be high from morning until night. And the art of the staying high all day is one that should be internationally recognized.

Banks should be closed, churches should have special ceremonies, and local convenience stores should at least stay open till 4 (gives us time to get the munchies).  While parades with weed candy should be thrown in the streets as kids collect it with their bags made from 100% hemp.


It’s a shame that a bunny, a B&E expert, and a turkey are more of a “holiday” than the sacred hemp plant.

What people need to realize is that we should wake up with the feeling of giving. 4/20 isn’t about getting yourself high, it’s really about getting everyone around you in the spirit of the holiday. Whatever you need to do, lock someone in a closet to hotbox or forcing smoke down their throats, whatever you need to do to spread holiday cheer. “The best way to spread holiday cheer is smoking loud for all to smell.”

Once everyone figures this out, we can legalize 4/20 day man.