Game of Thrones S8E5 Recap

by: Jake Ring

The Mad Queen has arrived.

Really was not expecting what happened to happen. RIP Jaime, Varys, Sandor, and I guess Cersei. Dany, literally burning everything, just made you feel bad for Cersei. She just loves her kids, ya know? But they’ve been setting Dany up to go ~mad~ the entire series and if you didn’t get that, then you haven’t been paying attention.

Ayra is about to kill Dany, I think everyone can agree on that. That last scene of her looking over all the burnt bodies really got ya in the feels. She did say, “I’m going to kill the Queen.” The target has turned.

Watching Jamie kill Euron was satisfying. He finally stood up to the guy who was fucking his sister/lover. Good for you Jaime. RIP to the GOAT of being a douchebag then winning over our hearts. What timing by Euron finding Jaime on that beach, though.


Tyrion will burn, that’s all. Poor little dwarf, just trying to save innocent lives, but caught in the middle of a war.

The Cleganebowl was all hype. Extremely disappointed in that outcome. I was fully expecting Sandor to come out alive. Plus the fight was just an average brawl between two very massive dudes.

Rocks crashing down and killing Jaime and Cersei was pretty anti-climatic.  Maybe they survived that? If not, I was expecting to see Cersei die in a way that is a little more satisfying and deserving of her character, Jaime as well. 

Jon knew what Dany was doing was wrong. I guess pussy hasn’t changed all of him after all. Dany now has no one besides Greyworm. And Greyworm looked like Anakin Skywalker in Episode III of Star Wars.  Enraged and filled with revenge and hate. He’ll die too in the next episode. I’m thinking Jon kills him. Jon and Greyworm 1v1 going to be something special.  Jon, Arya, and Sansa will plot to kill Dany, mark my words.

Robert Baratheon was the only man who knew what Dany was capable of.  RIP to a fucking LEGEND.


All in all, I thought it was a great episode.  Very Game of Thrones-esque.  Happy endings are not a thing in this series.  If they wanted a happy ending they would have ended the series with Robb winning the war against the Lannisters. D&D are incredible writers/creators.  I really don’t understand all the hate this season is getting.  This has been THE most action-packed season of them all.  It’s been like watching a Fast and Furious movie every Sunday.  

This next episode just seems kinda predictable, maybe the writer’s will throw a twist or two but my prediction is now that Kings landing is gone, each “kingdom” in the seven kingdoms is going to rule their own shit and not kneel to a king/queen. Jon will retreat north, he does not want the crown. Although, Sansa will rule the North. Who gives a fuck about the other six kingdoms.