Game of Thrones S8E4 Recap

by: Jake Ring

Everyone wanted a “REAL Game of Thrones” episode.  Well, are you happy? Rhaegal died. Missandei died.  I was unhappy as the rest of you when Rhaegal died, but holy shit.  Props to Euron, he’s got some fucking aim with that Scorpion. They were 3/3 on Rhaegal but 0/12 on Drogon. Yeah, you weren’t the only one thinking that.  

Let’s talk about Dany real quick.  She’s quickly turning into the second villain of the series.  Her tyranny is turning her into the Mad Queen. She’s about to burn down King’s Landing with Drogon.  There won’t be an Iron Throne left for her sit on. Dany’s vision in S2 and Bran vision in S4 both have the same outcome.  (See Below).


Dany’s vision S2


Bran’s vision S4

King’s Landing is for sure SOL.  After watching Varys and Tyrion discuss who should sit on the Iron Throne, don’t be surprised when they conspire to kill her so Jon sits on the Throne.  Side note: Varys said he would never turn on her, now he’s about to try and kill her.  Not a good look.)

Now onto important things.  Ghost. Jon, can’t you show some type of affection to your loyal beast? He just fought for his life and lost part of his ear for you to cast him away north of the wall. I’m a little salty about this.  Goodbye Ghost. Goodbye Tormund. For some reason though, I have a feeling this isn’t the last time we will see these two.


Jaime and Brienne.  Congratulations on the sex.  Pussy must not have been good enough though since Jaime is going back to his sister.  Leaving Brienne thinking she should have picked Tormund. He would have treated her so much better.

Ayra celebrated her championship by going back and doing free throws after the game.

Sansa ain’t no little bird anymore. Really thought for a second she was about to take the Hound back to her quarters and show him a good time.

Bronn doing Bronn things.  He spoke with truthfulness stating that the OG’s of houses were cutthroats.  I am very excited to see which way he goes with. He’s one factor I have no idea how it’s going to turn out.  I originally thought, “He would never kill Tyrion or Jaime”.  But looking back, Tyrion and Jaime put him through some shit and Cersei hasn’t done anything bad to him.  Don’t be surprised when you see a bolt go through Jaime’s throat.

Btw, the Starbucks coffee in the one scene, if that “ruined” the episode for you then you need to get some Adderall to relieve you of your ADD.  This shit happens in Hollywood. I didn’t even recognize it until he memes came out.

As much as you hate Cersei, that woman knows how to play war. Killing Missandei in front of Dany’s tiny “army” was very similar to Ned’s beheading, but way more badass. No way Cersei lives, though. She and her unborn child are as dead as the Night Kings hope of eternal death.

This was definitely a classic GOT “set-up” episode. Next episode is destined to be 80 minutes of fire and death. I feel like I know what’s going to happen but the creators could be setting us up for a twist, it is Game of Thrones after all.

Also, there’s been a lot of sex and wine drinking in this season, really unexpected and thoroughly enjoying all of it.