This Avengers x Fortnite Event is the Greatest LTM ever

by: Cam Wheeler

No game will ever touch Fortnite.

This game, just today, came out with a mode that no Call of Duty, Gears of War, League of Legends, will ever be able to pass.  They came out with a game mode that literally makes you the Marvel superheroes, you grew up loving. To wield Captain America’s shield and Thor’s Axe, while having super speed and being able to jump far, puts you right into the Comics and movies.  Flying around with Iron Man’s repulsors and swinging around the map with Hawkeye’s grapple, really hits you in the feels. And we all know about Thanos’s powers from last year.

Marvel never came out with a video game (except the Lego games).  So this is as close as it is going to get. They put out a Black Widow skin with this release and I hope the plan is to have the rest of the OG 6 characters skins on the market for purchase.  

After playing just a few games, I am instantly hooked.  I don’t even care if my team wins. Soaring through the air with Thor’s ax and chopping down Thanos’s army, or flying high and hitting people with Iron Man’s locking system, or throwing Cap’s shield, and even hitting people with Hawkeye’s bow from DEEEEP, is as much fun as I need.  

I hope they keep this LTM for a while because it is for sure the most fun LTM Fortnite has ever come out with.
Fortnite is King and it will remain King as long as they continue to impress their community and bring other people into the community as they do.  

Thank you to Epic for all the hours you have pumped into this game.