Seattle should be the biggest fans for a Russell Westbrook Trade

If Russell Westbrook gets traded away from the OKC Thunder, a downward spiral (which has already began) will continue for the franchise to the point where they will have no choice but to move back to Seattle. The management of talent from the Thunder front office could be considered the worst management of all time.

Kevin Durant, Paul George, Victor Oladipo, Carmelo Anthony, James Harden, Serge Ibaka, the list goes on and on. And with their superstar poster-child, Westbrook, asking for a trade, the deterioration leads to Seattle.

The Thunder have already had their luck in finding elite talent from the draft in KD, Russ, and Harden and then threw all away of them. My magic 8ball says they have run out of luck and will strike out in the years to come. Especially in a loaded Western Conference where they are going to find it hard making the playoffs and keeping the fans in seats year-in-and-year-out. The fan base in OKC is already starting to diminish with the mismanagement of these elite assets. Russell Westbrook will be the last knife in the coffin forcing the team to move back to Seattle so the franchise can gain momentum in a new fan base.

Seattle was angry when the Sonics left, and they are thirsty for them to come back.

The twitter account @BringBackSonics has almost 26 thousand followers. This will be growing in the next few years

Just as I am typing this, Woj drops another bomb stating the Thunder are trading away Jerami Grant giving them a total of 6 future first round picks.

Those picks will look good in green and yellow.

Mark my words, in less than 5 years the Oklahoma City Thunder will lose their franchise and become

Top Ten Duos in the New NBA

Kawhi Leonard and Paul George going to the Clippers balanced the NBA for the next few years. THANK GAWD.

Now there are no more super teams and “Big 3’s.” Just a league filled with two-player tandoms. This excites me to no end that the NBA will be extremely entertaining next season. The past 4 years everyone knew it was going to be the Warriors in the finals. THANK YOU KAWHI, YOU DYNASTY KILLER.

With that being said here’s the top 10 duos of the NBA next year. (Baring anymore blockbuster trades)

Did I miss anyone? Not agree? Comment below on your thoughts.

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By. Jake Ring

Lakers Fans: Forget Kawhi, Matthew Dellavedova is the hero you need.

Since June 30th at 6PM, all Lakers fans have dreamed about seeing Kawhi Leonard suit up in the Purple and Gold and play along side LeBron James and Anthony Davis. Every Lakers fan has Adrian Wojnarowski tweet alerts turned on right now, waiting for the moment Woj, bombs us with the Kawhi news.

Image result for matthew dellavedova lakers

I’m here to tell you that the Lakers do not need Kawhi Leonard to win the 2020 NBA Championship. They need Matthew Dellavedova. The Curry Killer. Delly is the elite back-court defender the Lakers need to contend with the Western Conference guards. With guards such as Lilliard, Westbrook, Conley, Harden, CP3, and many more, the Lakers HAVE to have this asset.

Jeanie Buss, Rob Pelinka, and LeBron James’s camp need to put Kawhi aside and focus on Delly. I guarantee if the Lakers were to sign Delly, they would hoist the Larry O’Brien trophy next year.

“Because he’s the hero Los Angeles deserves, but not the one it needs right now. So we’ll hunt him. Because he can take it. Because he’s not our hero. He’s a silent guardian, a watchful protector. A dark knight.”

This is completely satire. I hope the Lakers are able to pull off getting the Klaw, for LeBron’s legacy’s sake. On a real note, I do think Delly would be a great fit for the team as a role player no matter if they get Kawhi or not.

NBA makes an agreement with Nike to make unburnable jersey’s for the 2020 season.

NBA commissioner, Adam Silver, has had enough of fans burning players jerseys.  “I fucking hate it. It’s a disgrace to the League, the to players, and to the player’s former team.”  The internet trend of burning jerseys started when LeBron James made his “Decision” to take his talents to South Beach and play for the Miami Heat.  Cleveland Cavaliers fans burned his #23 jersey in displeasure of James’s move.

Kevin Durant also received the same hate when he decided to join the 73-9 Warriors making the NBA completely unwatchable and boring. (This one’s well deserved)

To kill this trend, Silver has made an agreement with Nike and Fanatics to sell “unburnable” jerseys. Jersey’s put on the market will now have a special fabric used by firefighters that is able to withstand intense heat for hours at a time. Because of this special fabric, jersey’s will now run for $400 each.

Image result for nike jersey science

Silver hopes that this will limit the amount of hate some players receive when they make a move to another team.

So next time you’re favorite player decides to sign elsewhere, be happy for the guy that’s doing something to better himself instead of being a narcissistic asshole and burning that $120 jersey you bought last year for your kid so you can get 5 retweets on your lame meme account.


By: Rodrick Joseph

ESPN NBA Trade Machine Fun

I decided to have some fun with the NBA trade machine today. I am convinced that ESPN either turned on the “Force Trade” option like you do when your 6 and build you dream team on 2K or they just said fuck it and declared anarchy. The NBA would lose their shit if any of these trades actually went through, but it is entertainment.

Side note: the ESPN Trade Machine is only thing good at ESPN anymore. This is coming from someone who used to watch SportsCenter 4 times in one day while on summer vacation from school.

By: Jake Ring