New Cereal Restaurant “Boats and Oats” to open its doors in Columbus, OH

Picture this. You wake up on a Saturday morning hungover as fuck. After your half-hour-long sit on the toilet, you go downstairs, open up the fridge, and the only thing in there is a half drank FOUR LOKO and two-week-old left-over Olive Garden. But fuck, you’re hungry. And your not an eggs and pancakes breakfast person. You want that sweet, crunchy bowl of your favorite cereal. At that point it’s a pain in the ass to go to the store, seek out your cereal and milk, go wait in line for 10 minutes while Grandma uses the self-check-out for the first time, then get back to your house with no clean bowls because you’re a lazy piece of shit and forgot to pick up detergent and dish soap. Instead, you could go to a restaurant that serves your favorite cereal.

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Boats and Oats will be a cereal based restaurant in Columbus, Ohio featuring a new set of cereal choices every week.

We got a chance to sit down with Samuel Gnarly, owner of Boat’s & Oat’s, and get to know a little bit more about his fresh, new idea.

“We just really like cereal and we want to give people an opportunity to enjoy their favorite bowls outside of their own kitchen. Sometimes you just need a change of scenery, or what we like to say scerealny” – Sam Gnarly

Below is a sample of what Sam and his team are prepared to offer.

For everyone ages 16-29 this is perfect for your Saturday and Sunday mornings. Sam has even bounced around the idea to offer alcohol such as Bloody Mary’s and mimosa’s to get your brunch on.

“If you’re like me, you want to be a little buzzed while eating your cereal.” – SG

So now instead of having the hassle of bringing the cereal to you, you can go to it and not have to worry about dirty dishes and slow ass Grandma.

Boat’s and Oat’s is set to open September 1, 2019. Check out their website here:

Satire. But someone please make this happen!

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