Want a filler during the recession of sports?

During the dog days of July it’s impossible to be outside because of climate change. So, the only thing you can do (unless you have a pool) is sit in the air conditioning and watch TV. But, there’s no sports on TV. Maybe you’re into Esports, but your favorite streamer is not playing. Or maybe you’re a golf guy but the major tournaments are only on the weekends. Or maybe you prefer NASCAR but the big races are only on Saturday’s and Sundays. And unless you’re a hardcore WSOP guy, then the pain of not being able to watch your favorite sports really sets in right about now. Football is too far away, and the preseason sucks.

Well, this weekend, my friends and I stumbled across the most electric sport on television this summer. And, that’s the American Cornhole League (ACL). At first, we thought the ACL was a bunch of clips of people tearing their Anterior Cruciate Ligament. But, boy were we wrong. We were up on the edge of our seats watching these stone cold cornhole players go throw for throw against each other. Let’s just say these are the guys that took the game a little too serious at the family BBQ, but turned that competitive nature into becoming a professional athlete. But, the best part about the ACL is that literally anyone can enter into the league and compete with the big dogs.

Daymon Dennis throws the most impossible shot ever with ease to make a move

Dennis and his partner, Philip Haydon are the top ranked Pro palyers as of 7/10/19. .

Keep an eye out on ESPN2 and Watch ESPN for more ACL.


The ACL World Championships kicks off August 6th on ESPN. Check it out https://iplayacl.com/championships

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One thought on “Want a filler during the recession of sports?”

  1. My son and I were in the front row behind where Daymon Dennis and Scott Phillips were throwing. Great experience! I hope they have another national in the Northeast next season. I ran a blind draw the night before (on the 4th). Jordan Camba, Matt Sorrells, Trey Burchfield, Scott Lane and a few other great players were in it. That went ’til 4am then several of them were on ESPN the next day. Trey Burchfield who was on the team that won the Pro Invitational is only 16 years old.

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