Top Urban Dictionary Definitions

Maybe I’m late to the party, but Urban Dictionary is fucking lit.

Have you ever browsed and read the insanely funny entries on it? Of course you haven’t. You’ve only used Urban Dictionary to look up words your younger cousin said at Christmas. I wrapped up about 2 hours in browsing Urban Dictionary and let me tell you, you could get lost in a UD binge just as fast as a YouTube Binge. If you’ve never been in a YouTube binge, then I don’t think we can be friends.

These are in no certain order, as it is next to impossible to rank these in any way.

69 and 420

Anyone who has played any online video game has come across a Noobmaster69 or a 420_blazeSmoke_420 or a 69bonerdude420 or a 420_69_420Milf. It is incredibly common and shows how many young kids that are going through puberty are playing Mature games intended for adults.


The Family Guy creator strikes again with what may be the greatest portmanteau of all time. If I were Charlie Sheen, I’d be using this on the reg. The fact that it’s actually a term in Norway makes it an even better word.


Every boy has been there. Maybe not the “Throw it at the bitch that has driven you to crust up the sock to that degree, knocking her out” part. But a nutsock brings me back to being thirteen again and throwing this sock under my bed only to come out in the dark hours of the night.

Dwight Howard

Poor Dwight Howard. First Kobe Called him soft, then some guy coined this term. I do not condone the gay slur used in this definition, but my gawd its funny.

Image result for kobe soft

angry dragon

Angry Dragon could also be called Daenerys Stormblow

This one is also equivalent to when a guy Simba’s a girl. This is when a guy excites himself on girls forehead and swipes it away with his thumb while whispering “Siiimmmmbbaaaa”

Image result for simba rafiki gif

Booger hook

What a way to make your fingers sound like a medical tool used to extract hard, dirty mucus from your nostrils. Your girlfriend will hate every time you use this word. I also think this word is in “dad joke” territory.

While you’re browsing through Urban Dictionary make sure you check out the Alphabetical List and see how many terms begin with 69.

I kinda get a feeling that the Cards Against Humanity game just went through UD and picked the softest ones and that’s how the game was created.

Do you have any funny ones that you know? Leave a comment below and follow our socials for more content.

By: Rodrick Joseph

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