r/nba has no sense of humor

I wrote a blog yesterday about a wild trade that would NEVER in a million years happen. I tried to make a joke about it and r/nba took it as if I was Adrian Wojnarowski dropping the biggest Woj-bomb on

I’m not even a Lakers fan but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a Bron fan.

Here’s the bogus trade and the link to the blog:


I even wrote, “Obviously this doesn’t happen. But a man can dream, right? ” at the end of the blog.

It’s obviously a joke. I called JaVAle McGee a “powerhouse big-man and World Champion.” And I called KCP a convict.

I mean, come the fuck on. Here are some of the comments it recieved.

Luckily, there is r/nbacirclejerk where people actually have common sense and a rich sense of humor.

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