Mirror Pic Guy Actually Gets Laid (Satire)

by: Rodrick Joseph

Jack Wright, a 20-year-old college kid, woke up one morning and went for a run to the gym to get his lift on.  While at the gym, Jack took a second out of his busy workout routine to look at himself in the mirror. Jack noticed how big his biceps and triceps had gotten since he began lifting 2 weeks ago.  Jack had no other choice than to get his phone out and take a picture of himself flexing. Jack was so thrilled with himself, he posted it to all of his social media. SnapChat, Facebook, and he even made it his profile picture on Instagram and Twitter.  

Jack thought, “Girls will be drooling over me with this picture.”  Within seconds, Jack had multiple hits on his pictures.  Girls were commenting, “Oh, Jack, I love the mirror pic.” and “Jack, you are so brave for posting this picture.”  He also got the occasional, “Jack, this picture makes me want to rip your clothes off and fuck you good.”  Even his mom posted a comment on his picture saying, “Son, if I was 20 years younger….

Jack then went out to the bar with his friends that night.  Girls at the bar were obviously noticing him and he was quickly surrounded by a pack of women.  Jack had his pick in the pride. He took home the woman of his choice and got lucky that night.


Jack then woke up from his dream and quickly got his gym bag and went to the gym.  Jack knew that he must post mirror pics to get women.

Update: 3 months later, Jack only gets girls in his dreams.  


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