Millennial’s will never win.

by: Dean Hathaway

Ever since the term “millennials” was put on babies born in the 90s and early 2000s, they haven’t stood a chance. Can you remember the last time someone talked about millennial’s in a positive tone? Never. Older generations bash them for their work ethic, pot smoking, their “constant” complaining, and just their overall way of life.  Hell, even millennial’s bash their own millennial comrades.

“Millennials are the worst. I should know — I am one.” – Johnny Oleksinski – The New York Post.  


They are constantly torn down by the older generations, but for what? Living in a society that was created by that very generation.  They were raised by the baby boomers. They are stuck in the nation that let college seem unimaginable to the lower class. Wouldn’t you complain if you were $100,000+ in debt with no sight of paying it off in your lifetime? 

They are stuck in the era of information and the era of social media. They have created nothing, only built on to what was already created. The older generation also thinks they have nothing to be accounted for in society.  They’re still in their 20s, still growing up. What do you want them to do? Cure cancer at 21, instead of having fun with their friends? What did your generation accomplish in your 20s? I only wish the older generation had cell phones and cameras back in the day so millennials could knit-pick everything they did when they were our age.  

The best part about all the hate and anger towards the Millennials is that they don’t give a fuck.  And that’s the best part of the generation. At this point, there is no turning back. If blaming them is what is going to make you feel better as you crawl away from your 9-5 job that you been at for 20 years, double guessing your life choices, then go ahead.  At least Millennials are all doing something that they want, and are setting the precedence for the generations to come.

But, we now have millennials that are MILLIONAIRES because they followed their dream in either becoming an Instagram model, Twitch/YouTube star, professional athlete or started their own app/company.  

Millennials may not be the richest or the smartest, but dammit, they are the proudest.

Johnny Oleksinski (New York Post) wrote an article bashing the millennial generation, and he did as good a job as a basketball coach cutting the bad players on the team.  Going after the ugly part of the generation.  And you’d be lying if there wasn’t an ugly part of every generation.

You can read Johnny’s article here if you want.

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