Game of Thrones S8E1 Recap

Five Hundred Ninety-Five days after Boatsex, we saw our first glimpse of season 8.  I’ve read a lot of negative feedback on this episode and all I can say is if you did not expect an episode like this, did you really watch GOT through and through.  All their season debuts are slow and tie up some loose ends before the big shit happens.  There’s a ton of major characters in Winterfell at the moment, did you really think they were not going to talk to each other and just have their heads set on the destroying the Night King?  No, Sansa was going to be salty, Arya was going to be excited to see Jon, Bran was going to be a fucking creep, and Jon was going to find out about his heritage. 

This is the shortest episode of season 8, so obviously, it was slow and not a lot happened.  Jon rode Rheagal (named after his father), then got the death stare from Drogon.  This typical early GOT episode sets us up for 4-5 action-packed episodes, don’t be surprised if episode 2 is anything similar to what episode 1 was.  Episode’s 3-6 are going to be a fucking thrill ride.  I have no fucking clue what is going to happen, and neither do you.  All these theories of “Bran is the Night King”, “Tyrion is a Targaryen”, “Dany becomes the Night Queen”, I think it’s all bullshit and the creators are about to mind fuck the shit out of us.

By the way, that religious-cult shit that the Night King pulled this episode was diabolical as fuck.  What the fuck does this thing want, or who does he want?


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